Word Problems For Grade 4 Addition And Subtraction
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Word Problems For Grade 4 Addition And Subtraction

What Are Word Problems?

Word problems are math problems that require students to read and understand questions in order to solve them. Students must be able to read the problem, identify what type of problem it is, and then determine the steps and operations needed to solve it. Word problems are a great way to improve students’ critical thinking skills and get them thinking beyond the numbers.

Word Problems For Grade 4 Addition And Subtraction

Grade 4 students will be able to solve addition and subtraction word problems with relative ease. They will have already been exposed to addition and subtraction in previous grades, so their understanding of these operations will be more solidified. Word problems will give them the opportunity to apply and practice the math operations in a real-world context.

Tips On Solving Word Problems

The key to solving word problems is to read the question carefully and break it down into small, manageable steps. Students should identify the important information in the question, and then use that information to determine what operation needs to be used. It’s also important to label the numbers in the question and to double-check their work to make sure they have the correct answer.

Examples Of Word Problems For Grade 4 Students

Here are a few examples of word problems that grade 4 students can practice with:

  • If there are 8 apples and a person takes away 3 apples, how many apples are left?
  • A store has 12 pencils. If a customer buys 5 pencils, how many pencils are left?
  • If a box has 10 oranges and a person adds 5 more oranges, how many oranges are in the box now?


Word problems are an important part of math education for grade 4 students. They help students to apply their math knowledge in real-world situations and strengthen their critical thinking skills. By following the tips outlined above and practicing with example problems, grade 4 students will be able to master the art of solving word problems.