Subtraction Word Problems For Grade 3
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Subtraction Word Problems For Grade 3

Introducing Word Problems

Word problems are a very important part of math. They help students understand the connection between math and real life. Word problems also help students develop their problem solving skills. Grade 3 students should be familiar with basic subtraction and be able to solve simple word problems.

Types of Word Problems

Subtraction word problems can be divided into two types: take away problems and comparison problems. Take away problems are when one quantity is taken away from another, such as “If there are 6 apples and 3 are taken away, how many apples are left?” Comparison problems compare two quantities, such as “Which is greater, 7 or 3?”

Examples of Subtraction Word Problems

Take away problems can be found in everyday situations. For example, if a student has 5 pencils and loses 2, how many pencils does the student have left? Or if a student has 8 cookies and eats 4, how many cookies are left? Comparison problems can also be found in everyday life. For example, if a student has 7 apples and a friend has 3 apples, who has more apples?

Tips for Solving Subtraction Word Problems

When solving subtraction word problems, it’s important to read the problem carefully and make sure that the numbers are understood. It’s also important to write down the equation. Once the equation is written down, the student can solve the problem. Having a strategy can also be helpful. For example, when solving take away problems, the student can subtract the smaller number from the larger number. For comparison problems, the student can look for clues, such as the words “more” and “less”.


Subtraction word problems can be a great way to help students practice their subtraction skills. By introducing word problems in the classroom, students can learn how to apply math to real life situations. With practice, students can develop their problem solving skills and become successful in math.