Simple Addition Word Problems For Grade 2
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Simple Addition Word Problems For Grade 2

Helping Kids Learn Simple Addition Through Word Problems

It can be difficult for kids in Grade 2 to grasp the concept of addition. That’s why it’s important to find fun, engaging ways to help them practice and understand the concept. One way to do this is by using word problems. Word problems can help kids learn to think critically and apply their knowledge. Here are some simple addition word problems to help your Grade 2 student practice and understand addition.

Problem 1

John has 18 apples. His sister has 12 apples. How many apples do they have in total?

Problem 2

Jill has 5 cookies. She gave 3 of her cookies to her brother. How many cookies does she have now?

Problem 3

Sam has 8 pebbles. He found 4 more pebbles on the beach. How many pebbles does he have now?

Problem 4

Mark has 10 pieces of candy. He gave 3 pieces of candy to his friend. How many pieces of candy does he have now?

Problem 5

Sarah has 6 balloons. She bought 4 more balloons at the store. How many balloons does she have now?

Word problems can be a fun and effective way to help Grade 2 students understand and practice simple addition. By using these simple addition word problems, you can help your student become more confident in their math skills and understanding of the concept of addition.