Naming Alkynes Worksheet 2 Answers
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Naming Alkynes Worksheet 2 Answers

What Are Alkynes?

Alkynes are organic compounds that contain a carbon-carbon triple bond. They are unsaturated compounds, as they contain fewer hydrogen atoms than the maximum amount possible for a given atom count. Alkynes are generally found in nature as part of plant and animal fats, and they are important building blocks in many organic chemical reactions.

Naming Alkynes

Naming Alkynes can be confusing, as there are a few different conventions to follow. Generally, the longest chain of carbon atoms in the molecule is identified, and the suffix -yne is added to the end. This chain must include the carbon atoms in the triple bond. The number of the carbon atom in the chain that contains the triple bond is indicated, along with the lowest possible number of the other substituents. The prefixes of the substituents are then added to the name in alphabetical order.

Worksheet 2 Answers

Worksheet 2 of the Naming Alkynes series focuses on correctly naming alkynes with multiple substituents. The answers to the worksheet are as follows:

  • 1. 3-Methyl-2-pentyne
  • 2. 2-Hexyne
  • 3. 5-Methyl-3-hexyne
  • 4. 4-Ethyl-2-butyne
  • 5. 3-Methyl-1-pentyne
  • 6. 4-Propyl-2-hexyne
  • 7. 2-Propyl-3-hexyne
  • 8. 2-Pentyne

Using Naming Alkynes Worksheets

Naming Alkynes worksheets are a great way to learn the basics of naming alkynes. They can be used to practice the conventions of naming alkynes and can also be used as a teaching tool in a classroom setting. The worksheets can also be used to test students’ understanding of the principles of naming alkynes.


Naming Alkynes Worksheet 2 answers provide a great way to check your understanding of the conventions of naming alkynes. With practice, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately name any type of alkyne you come across. With the help of Naming Alkynes Worksheet 2 answers, you can easily master the art of naming alkynes.