Multiplication Word Problems Grade 2 Examples
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Multiplication Word Problems Grade 2 Examples


Grade 2 math classes often include word problems that require students to practice their multiplication skills. These word problems can become quite tricky, so it is important for students to have a good understanding of the basic multiplication facts. This article provides examples of multiplication word problems that are commonly seen in grade 2 classrooms.

Basic Multiplication Word Problems

The most basic type of multiplication word problem involves multiplying two numbers together. For example, if a student is asked to solve “two times three,” they should be able to answer with the correct answer of “six.” Other examples of this type of problem might involve multiplying three times four, four times five, five times six, and so on.

More Complex Multiplication Word Problems

As students become more comfortable with basic multiplication facts, they may be presented with more complex word problems. These problems often involve more than two numbers, such as “three times four times five.” In these cases, students should also be able to use their basic multiplication skills to come up with the correct answer.

Word Problems with Unknown Variables

In some cases, students may be asked to solve word problems that involve an unknown variable. For example, they may be asked to solve “four times a number” without knowing what the number is. In these cases, students should be able to use their multiplication skills to figure out the answer.


Multiplication word problems are an important part of grade 2 math classes. By understanding the different types of problems and having a good grasp of basic multiplication facts, students can become better prepared for solving these types of problems.