25 Grey and Mustard Living Room Ideas for Our House

Grey and mustard living room makes our home beautiful. A beautiful home is the dream of all families in the world. We collect grey and mustard living room inspirational pictures from the internet. Hopefully it will be the inspiration for your dream home.

This grey and mustard rug is made of a cotton and wool mix, so natural materials. A nice, pattern in a pop colour to really lift the room and set off a grey sofa and natural wood furniture.

There are plenty of ways in which one can adopt the gray and yellow color scheme in the living room without getting permanently stuck with it. One of the best ways is obviously to use a gray as backdrop and usher in yellow accents in the form of vases, chairs, throw pillows and even some fresh flowers to enliven the space. This approach is simple, cost-effective and always allows you to switch between color schemes with ease. Bringing home a yellow and gray color palette does not necessarily mean committing to it in a more lasting fashion. But if you do like the look, an accent wall in mild yellow hues looks classy when coupled with lighter shades of gray.


While it is the lighter shades of gray that often present you with the best background for bright yellow accents, deeper grays can also be used to create a warmer, more snug space. This approach works well in regions that are predominantly cold throughout the year and during those chilly winters when the overall ambiance of the room benefits from darker hues.


Grey and mustard yellow have been around now for a while but there still is no sign of them going out of fashion any time soon. It’s such a timeless, sophisticated combination. The grey is the new ‘neutral’, while the yellow perks things up a bit. Grey and mustard yellow mix well with black & white, teal blue, but also with soft dusty pinks and the latest copper trend. If you have some mid-century modern furniture to throw into the mix, teak wood also works, as well as tan leather.

Add some nice table lamps to the corners of the room for added coziness. Drum lampshades are always great and come in so many different designs.

Every living room or bedroom needs a warm blanket or throw for cooler days. Black and white monochrome throws go really well with a mustard and yellow decor. They provide a nice contrast.

These sofas look comfortable and timeless in grey. Just style it up with a few nice patterned mustard yellow and black & white cushions.

I Hope your dream have a beautiful grey and mustard living room come true. Good luck

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