Multiplication Word Problems For Grade 4 With Answers
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Multiplication Word Problems For Grade 4 With Answers

A Fun and Challenging Way to Learn Maths

Math can be a tricky subject to learn, but it’s important for students to know their multiplication facts and understand how to solve multiplication word problems. Grade 4 students should be familiar with basic multiplication facts and be able to solve word problems.

Solving Multiplication Word Problems

When solving multiplication word problems, it’s important to remember the following steps:

  • Read the problem carefully and identify the facts given.
  • Determine the operation to be performed.
  • Set up the equation to solve the problem.
  • Solve the equation.
  • Check the answer for accuracy.

By following these steps, students will be able to solve multiplication word problems more quickly and accurately.

Examples of Grade 4 Multiplication Word Problems

Here are some examples of multiplication word problems for grade 4 students:

  • John has 12 apples. He gives 5 apples to his friend. How many apples does John have left?
    Answer: John has 7 apples left.
  • Tom has 8 pencils. He gives 3 pencils to his sister. How many pencils does Tom have left?
    Answer: Tom has 5 pencils left.
  • Sara has 10 books. She gives 4 books to her brother. How many books does Sara have left?
    Answer: Sara has 6 books left.


Multiplication word problems can be a great way for grade 4 students to practice and improve their multiplication skills. With practice and by following the steps above, students will be able to confidently solve these types of problems.