Getting Started With First Grade Beginning Blends Worksheets
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Getting Started with First Grade Beginning Blends Worksheets

What Are Beginning Blends?

Beginning blends are the first type of blending phonemes that first grade students are introduced to. A phoneme is a sound that makes up a word. Beginning blends involve two or three letters that combine to make a distinct sound and indicate the presence of a specific letter sound at the beginning of a word. Examples of beginning blends are “bl”, “cl”, and “fl”.

How Can Worksheets Help?

Beginning blends worksheets are an excellent way to help first graders understand how to blend phonemes. A worksheet can provide a variety of activities, including tracing and writing words, identifying words with beginning blends, and completing puzzles. The worksheets can also provide an opportunity to learn about other phoneme blends, such as ending blends, and to practice spelling words.

Where to Find Worksheets

Beginning blends worksheets can be found online or in school supply stores. Many websites have a variety of worksheets specifically designed for first graders, and some will even allow you to customize the worksheets to fit your needs. School supply stores will typically have a selection of worksheets available for purchase.

Tips for Teaching with Blends Worksheets

When teaching first graders with beginning blends worksheets, it is important to keep a few things in mind. First, use the worksheets to reinforce the phonemes that the students have already been taught in class. Secondly, provide plenty of practice and review opportunities. Finally, be sure to use the worksheets to build on the students’ knowledge of phonemes and to encourage them to think more deeply about the sounds that make up words.


Beginning blends worksheets can be a great way to help first graders understand phonemes and identify words with beginning blends. These worksheets can be found online or in school supply stores, and can be used in a variety of ways to help students learn and practice blending phonemes. With the right instruction and plenty of practice, first graders can become comfortable with beginning blends and build a strong foundation in phonics.