Division Word Problems For Grade 3 Students

Division Word Problems For Grade 3 Students
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Division Word Problems for Grade 3 Students

What is Division?

Division is a mathematical operation that involves splitting a number into equal parts. It is the opposite of multiplication, which combines numbers to make a larger number. Division is an important skill for third grade students to learn, as it will help them solve math problems that involve sharing and grouping.

Why is Understanding Division Important?

Understanding division is important for third grade students because it helps them solve word problems. Word problems are math problems that are written in words, rather than numbers. By learning how to divide, students can read a word problem and figure out how to solve it. This will help them in their future math classes.

How to Solve Division Word Problems

There are a few steps that students can take to solve division word problems. First, they should read the problem carefully and figure out what it is asking. Then, they should write down the equation that goes with the problem. After that, they can solve the equation and find the answer.


For example, if the problem reads, “If there are 12 apples and 4 children, how many apples does each child get?”, the student should first write down the equation 12 ÷ 4 = X. Then, they can solve the equation to figure out that each child will get 3 apples.

Tips for Understanding Division

There are a few tips that students can use to help them understand division better. First, they should practice solving division problems with different numbers. This will help them understand how division works. Additionally, they should draw pictures or diagrams to help them visualize how the numbers are being split up. Finally, they should use manipulative objects, such as blocks or counters, to help them understand the concept of division.

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