Degree Of Comparison Worksheet With Answers

What is the most interesting place youve ever been to. Previous Activity Adjective – Degree of Comparison – Questions.

Nyla S Crafty Teaching Adjective Activities Tiered For Positive Comparative And Superlative Adjectives Adjective Worksheet Comparative Adjectives Worksheet

Hyderabad is not as hot as Chennai.

Degree of comparison worksheet with answers. Very few cities in Asia are as big as Hong Kong. Look at the following sentences. I am smarter than you.

We get the comparative degree of adjective by either adding er to the adjective or using more before the adjective. She is prettier than her sister. Comparatives and superlatives Other contents.

Live worksheets English English as a Second Language ESL Comparison of adverbs Adverbsdegrees of comparison Adverbsdegrees of comparison Put the adverbs in the correct form. Degree of Comparison Worksheet 1. No other boy in the class is as clever as Rahim.

The elephant is stronger than most other animals. Degrees Of Comparison Exercises Class 6 With Answers CBSE English Grammar. Alexander was one of the greatest kings who ever lived.

Degree of Comparison refer to adjectives written in different forms to compare one two or more nouns which are words describing persons places and things. The positive is the base form of the adjective or adverb. Kavya can sing better than Ramya.

Which is larger the Sahara desert or the Gobi desert. Add to my workbooks 13 download file pdf embed in my website or blog add to google classroom. Raju is taller than Saju.

Martin is more industrious than any other boy in the class. Supriya is the most intelligent girl in the class. Tall taller tallest 2.

Exercise C – Answer key 1. Click Degree of Comparison Worksheet 1pdf link to view the file. Chennai is hotter than Hyderabad.

The three degrees of comparison are positive comparative and superlative degree. James is as tall as his brother. The comparative forms are made by adding -er or more to the positive.

What is the tallest building youve ever been in. This cathedral is the biggest in South India. Take the shorter of the two routes.

I think andrew is boy in my class. The comparative forms are made by. The superlative forms are made by adding -est or most to the positive.

Fill in the blanks with an adjective of the appropriate degree of comparison. Next Activity Degree of Comparison Worksheet 2. Degree of comparison worksheet with answers pdf.

Degrees of comparison worksheet. English adjectives and adverbs recognize three degrees the positive the comparative and the superlative. The giraffe is the tallest animal.

Ramya cannot sing as well as Kavya. Adjectives grammar Add to my workbooks 14 Download file pdf Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom. Shakespeare is greater than any other playwright.

Jolly is taller than Naina. Next students complete questions and answers with the comparative or superlative forms of the adjectives in brackets and their own answers. Russia is the biggest country in the world.

Positive dark tall useful Comparative darker taller. Q5 use each of the comparative and superlative degrees mentioned in irregular comparatives and superlatives table and make one sentence. Chennai is hotter than Mumbai.

Martha is a nice girl. There are three Degrees of Comparison in English. Thethreedegrees positive comparative superlative Endinginconsonantaftershort vowel Endingine Endinginconsonanty EndinginvowelY Big Large Happy Grey Bigger Larger Happier Greyer Biggest Largest Happiest GreyestEXCEPTIONS positive Comparative.

Degrees of Comparison are used when we compare one person or one thing with another. Saumya is the tallest of the three. English as a Second Language ESL Gradelevel.

The deer cannot run as fast as the cheetah. Go through these Degrees Of Comparison Exercises Class 6 with Answers to learn English. Naina is a tall girl.

So there are three Degrees of Comparison. Silver is not as precious as gold. No other flower is as beautiful as the rose.

The cheetah can run faster than the deer. Worksheets pdf handouts to print printable exercises Comparative and superlative. Degree of comparison worksheet with answers.

Gold is more precious than silver. Important more important most important 3. Doctors are as as inventors.

An airplane flies faster than birds. There are basically three degrees of comparison. China is bigger than India.

Martin speaks English well. Degree of Comparison Exercises for Class 9 ICSE With Answers July 26 2020 by sastry Degree of Comparison. Positive degree Comparative degree Superlative degree.

This is the most interesting book I have ever read. Rahim is the cleverest student in the class. Degrees Of Comparison Of Adjectives Interactive And Downloadable Worksheet You Can Do The Exercises Onlin In 2020 Degrees Of Comparison Adjective Worksheet Adjectives.

Download to practice offline. China is a big country.

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