Understanding The Basics Of Elasticity Of Demand Worksheet
This worksheet looks at the measure of price elasticity of demand from studylib.net

Understanding the Basics of Elasticity of Demand Worksheet

What Is Elasticity of Demand?

Elasticity of demand is a concept used in economics to measure the relationship between a change in price and the resulting change in the quantity of a good or service that is purchased. It is used to measure the responsiveness of customers to changes in price, and is an important factor in the analysis of pricing strategies.

Why Is Elasticity of Demand Important?

Elasticity of demand is important for businesses because it helps them understand how responsive customers are to changes in price. For example, if a business increases the price of its product by 10%, but sales only decrease by 5%, then the demand for the product is considered to be inelastic. This means that customers are not overly sensitive to changes in price, and the business may be able to increase its profits by raising prices. Conversely, if sales drop by 25% when the price is increased by 10%, then the demand is considered to be elastic, and the business should consider lowering prices to stimulate demand.

How Is Elasticity of Demand Calculated?

Elasticity of demand is calculated using the following formula:

Elasticity of demand = % change in quantity demanded / % change in price

What Is a Chapter 4 Section 3 Elasticity of Demand Worksheet?

A Chapter 4 Section 3 Elasticity of Demand Worksheet is a tool used to help students understand the concept of elasticity of demand. The worksheet includes questions about the concept and provides students with the opportunity to calculate the elasticity of demand for different scenarios. This type of worksheet can be used in class or as part of a homework assignment.


Elasticity of demand is an important concept for businesses to understand, as it can help them determine how sensitive customers are to changes in price. A Chapter 4 Section 3 Elasticity of Demand Worksheet is a great tool for students to use in order to learn more about the concept and practice calculating the elasticity of demand.