Preschool Math Worksheets - Matching to 5

Printable number and word activities are a great way to help 5 year old children learn and practice their numbers and reading skills. These activities can include worksheets, flashcards, and puzzles that focus on numbers, counting, and basic sight words.

Here are a few examples of printable number and word activities for 5 year old’s:

  1. Number matching worksheets: These worksheets feature numbers and corresponding number words, and ask children to match the numbers with the correct number words.
  2. Counting worksheets: These worksheets feature pictures of objects such as apples or birds, and ask children to count how many of each object there are.
  3. Number tracing worksheets: These worksheets feature numbers that children can trace with their finger or a pencil, to help them learn how to write the numbers.
  4. Word matching worksheets: These worksheets feature basic sight words and corresponding pictures, and ask children to match the words with the correct pictures.
  5. Word search puzzles: These puzzles feature basic sight words hidden in a grid, and children have to find and circle the words.

These activities are great for use at home or in the classroom, and can be easily printed out for children to complete on their own or with the help of an adult. They are also a fun way for children to practice their number recognition and reading skills.

Number Words 1 to 20 worksheet

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