6Th Grade Inequalities Worksheet With Answers
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6th Grade Inequalities Worksheet With Answers

What are Inequalities?

Inequalities are mathematical equations that involve two or more expressions that are not equal. Inequalities are used to compare two or more numbers or variables, and they are an important concept to understand in math. In 6th grade, a student needs to be able to identify, solve and graph inequalities.

Solving Inequalities

When solving inequalities, it is important to remember that the order of operations still applies. That means that the first step is to simplify both sides of the inequality by combining like terms and simplifying fractions and other expressions. The student should then use the appropriate operations to get a variable (or unknown) on one side of the inequality and a number on the other side.

When solving an inequality, it is important to remember that the sign of the inequality will change if the inequality is multiplied or divided by a negative number.

Graphing Inequalities

Once an inequality is solved, it can be graphed. The inequality should first be written in the form y > or y < some number. The student should then plot a few points on the number line, such as y = 0, y = 1, y = 2, etc. Then the student should draw a dashed line in the appropriate direction to indicate that the solution is all numbers greater than or less than the number.

Worksheet With Answers

To help students practice their skills in solving and graphing inequalities, a 6th grade inequalities worksheet with answers is a great resource. This worksheet can help students understand the concept of inequalities and practice solving them. The worksheet will also provide practice in graphing inequalities. Once the student has completed the worksheet, they can check their work with the answers provided.