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WWTT summer session


Walking with the Tiger:

The Fundamental Practices that Point to the Truth

Walking with the Tiger is a spiritual modality based in Awareness. Its

intent is to support an inner transformation through learning to, genuinely

and willingly rest as awareness in each moment while being mindful of

where we direct our attention

Everyone has heard about being in the moment, being here now. But

many still struggle to establish this view. In this program you will learn and

experience directly the truth of our subjective conditioning. You learn the

fundamental attitudes and meditative practices that will allow you to free

your consciousness from the trance state of our egoic complex (story of


Once you have embodied and gained confidence in this practice, you

will be able to spontaneously liberate yourself from unnecessary suffering in

any given moment. A spiritual path is a path of subtraction, wherein we let

go of all the ideas, beliefs, and commentary that make up the illusory story

of who we are.

I invite you to join me as we begin this profound and intimate group

inquiry. Each four hour weekly session will contain teaching, meditation

and/or exercise practice as well as satsang where we all learn from another’s


Gordon Scarritt

Walking with the Tiger:

The Fundamental Practices that Point to the Truth

Introduction to the summer sessions 2016

It has been established over millennia that meditation is the single

most meaningful inner training that a human being can undertake. Every

culture and tradition in history has had its methods of meditation.

Many of us come to meditation for different reasons, all of which are

legitimate. So whether you are interested in reducing the stress in your life,

supporting your whole body wellness, or are seeking the deeper truths of

existence and realization, the form of meditation taught in this program will

be your truest ally in that endeavor.

I want to invite you to attend the inaugural summer session in NYC

on Saturday June 4, 2016. This 3 hour session will establish the basic

practice, remind you of the one true inner power which you possess and

introduce you to the feeling of Presence in each moment. The session will

end with a Q&A known as satsang.

We will also discuss the unfolding of the summer series, including

weekend retreats in the Hudson Valley and Hamptons. Your input will be

greatly appreciated in the design of the summer session template. If you

have any questions please contact me by text or phone (646-326- 6865)

Date & Time: June 30, 2016 6pm-7:30 pm
Location: Upper East Side - New York City

Cost: By donation, suggested donation is $40

Vegan Divas is now selling Ice Cream!

Available in four different flavors: Del Lago Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla, Key Lime Creme and Alphonso Mango! They are coconut based and also soy, gluten and nut – free.

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We created these delicious and light layered cakes for your next Summer event.Designed with no frosting, they are great options for the season!Available in 3 different flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla and Red Velvet! 

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The Naked Diva Cake

You can also have your naked cake this Summer and be in shape for the Season! This cake is so moist, flavorful and elegant that your guests won't believe that it's dairy and nut free!

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Now selling at Whole Foods!

Find now your favorites Vegan Divas' products at Whole Foods in New York City! Find us at Whole Foods Bowery, Brooklyn, Columbus Circle, Midtown East, Tribeca, Union Square, Upper East Side and Upper West Side.

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Easter celebration at Vegan Divas!

We are certain that kids will love this dark chocolate hoping bunny!

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Passover Specials

Enjoy our special Passover items: Flour-less chocolate cake, matzo covered with dark chocolate or macaroons. You’re absolutely sure to find what you need!

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Vegan Divas certified as a Kosher Bakery

We are proud to announce that Vegan Divas got certified as Kosher and Parve by the Rabbi Aaron Metzger from the NY State Department of Agriculture and Director of the Kosher Law.

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Suja juices now on sale at Vegan Divas!

This week, we started selling organic Suja juices at Vegan Divas!Those wonderful juices have all the vitamins to keep your energized through the of the season.Come to our shop in the UES and try them out!

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A Delicious Soup !

Red lentils have a sweet, slightly nutty flavor and a beautiful orange color. Because they cook relatively quickly, they are an ideal ingredient to feature in a pureed soup such as this. Accented with Indian spices, this beautiful lentil soup is further enriched with coconut milk, which gives it a silky texture. A final drizzle [...]

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